The list below is far from exhaustive but contains some of the most relevant works on building in earth. Extensive references to works on this subject can found in the two books cited below by Lawrence Keefe and by Peter Walker et al.

Earth Building: Methods and Materials, Repair and Conservation. Lawrence Keefe
Taylor and Francis, London and New York, 2005

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New Cob Building, New Cob Building And New Cob Building

Cob Buildings: a Practical Guide. Jane Schofield and Jill Smallcombe
Privately published 2004. email:

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The Cob Buildings of Devon 1. History, Building Methods & Conservation
Devon Historic Buildings Trust - available here

The Cob Buildings of Devon 2. Repair & Maintenance. Larry Keefe.
Devon Historic Buildings Trust - available here

Appropriate Renders, Plasters & Finishes for Cob and Random Stone Walls in Devon. - available here
Devon Earth Building Association